Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hi there!!! Thanks for finding my blog. My name is Scarlette. This blog is about sex--there are no boundaries. Sex is completely natural, and without it, we wouldn't be here. Therefore, it should be near the top of our lists as far as health, entertainment, and responsibilities go. Everyone deserves the right to know about their own sexual well-being, preferences, and orientations. I will be posting anything I can find that will inform you about sex and everything to do with it, be it articles or other kinds of factual information regarding the subject. I also will post advice to your questions. Feel free to email me at to ask for advice on anything sex or relationships. Disclaimer: I am not qualified in anyway. I have taken psychology courses and, due to my own health problems in the past, have done tons of reading and research on all things health and sex related. If I can't answer your question, I will attempt to turn you to someone who can, and if I can, I will give you the resources you need to answer it. So read, learn, and have fun!!!

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