Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inside Information


Remember in health class when they taught about how sex works, but they really didn't explain anything so that you actually know what's going on. Well, this video from a show in the UK (of course--the US couldn't get away with showing anything this real) called 'A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex' shows exactly what's happening. It is extremely graphic--it actually shows a couple having sex. If you feel uncomfortable watching that, do not watch this video. The only place I can find the actual sex/explaining what's happening scene is on a porn site. Other websites (like youtube) obviously won't publish the actual sex part. But it is interesting to see what's going on inside.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blue Balls

Most girls are familiar with blue balls. When fooling around with a guy, lots of guys will say the girl needs to 'finish what she started,' otherwise he'll end up with 'blue balls.' This is also an excuse a guy can use when he hasn't 'gotten any' in awhile. Hahh. Anyways, as much as us girls may find it to be an annoying excuse, it is a real condition. Though it's not a horrible condition the guys have to suffer through, and they CAN take care of it themselves.

Blue Balls:
The technical term is 'vasocongestion.' In simple terms, here's what happens. When a man is aroused, fluids and blood rushes to the penis. The muscles that allow fluids to flow out constrict, and the fluids pool inside. Apparently these things happen to keep blood pressure high enough to maintain an erection. And according to this website, and something I didn't know, the testicles grow 25-50% bigger during erections!!
During orgasm, all the muscles relax and obviously, there is a release. But if there is no release, the fluids and blood continue to pool, and this can cause pain. The blood looses oxygen, which can give it a blue-ish color.

All that happens is some pain and tenderness in the lower stomach/genital area. It can easily be remedied--with ejaculation. And if, for some reason, that doesn't happen, the pain will go away in about an hour anyways.

Sometimes people have fetishes that include orgasm denial. In order to avoid an onset of 'blue balls' during such an act, massaging the genitals slightly can prevent a large pooling of fluids.
So, boys, don't complain too much. Try a cold shower or your hand. Or maybe you can convince your girl that it hurts you pretty bad. But it probably doesn't. But if it did for some reason continue for a long period of time (say, a few hours), you might want to call a doctor.


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