Thursday, October 6, 2011

"I'll have what she's having."

I'm watching When Harry Met Sally. The infamous 'fake orgasm' scene just happened. It got me wondering, how many women do fake their orgasms? According to an article on Jezebel, 60% of women fake orgasms. It can be because a woman wants to make her man think he pleased her, because she just wants the act to be over, or any number of reasons. It's wrong, and women shouldn't feel they need to fake an orgasm. If your partner isn't making it happen for you, help them to get you there!!! So, what do you think? Have you ever faked?

Is there anything I can do to decrease my gag reflex for giving oral sex? Or are there techniques I can use that won't bother my gag reflex?

Yes!!! There are a few things you can do actually. I'll start with the cheapest ideas first--techniques.
While giving oral, try folding your tongue up to the roof of your mouth, causing a barrier between the front of your mouth and the back of your throat. The penis will hit your tongue, feeling like it can't go in anymore, and it will create the illusion of you taking him all the way in. Same goes for your cheeks. It's not just a sexual joke when people pretend to puff out their cheeks as if to say they're blowing someone. It can be used!!! Cheeks can be stretchy, and you may be able to pull him in further into your cheeks than into your mouth.

The biggest thing with blow jobs is to remember that although the focus is on your mouth on him, that doesn't mean your hands shouldn't be used. Whatever you can't take in your mouth should be in your hands. So if he's 5 inches and you can only take in 2 or 3, be twisting and yanking that bottom part of the shaft with your hands. Or even try just taking in the head with your mouth, giving him a hand job with one of your hands, and the other hands playing with his boys. I guarantee there will be no complaints about how you can't deep throat him then.

But, if for some reason he still complains, and if for some reason you are still willing to give the ungrateful bastard a blow-job (or maybe you just really want to take him all the way in and he's actually really kind), there are sprays & gels you can buy. Pretty much any porn store/website will carry a numbing agent that can be used for giving head. In fact, the one that Pure Romance sells is called 'Great Head.' Great Head doesn't numb your throat, it just relaxes your reflexes. But if you're looking for something to actually numb you so you don't feel anything, check out They have Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray and Deep Throat Gel. You can find them in minty flavors and or other flavors, depending on where you find it (Great Head comes in succulent strawberry, or a three pack of 'grape, lemon and cherry icee' ;) ).

Some women/men may not even have a horrible gag reflex just when something touches their throat, but they may be turned off by the idea of a cock in their mouth. Remember that there are tons of flavored lubes and condoms out there that can make the whole 'job' a lot more pleasurable. Just remember to utilize everything while giving pleasure. Just because it's a blow job doesn't mean you can't use your hands, and just because it's a hand job doesn't mean you can't use your mouth, and so on and so forth. Have fun!! :).