Sunday, February 7, 2016

Celebrity Sex List

As you may all know, Valentine's Day is next Sunday. For a lot of people, it is a day to recognize love in every material way--cards, flowers, wine, fancy dinners, etc. But for others, it is just another day. Now, I know it tends to be a rough day for single people. I have been single on Valentine's Day, and even though I don't celebrate the day when in a relationship, it was still hard to see all my friends happy in love when I was lonely. But just because you're alone doesn't mean it has to suck!! If you're alone this Valentine's Day, I suggest pampering yourself. Buy a bottle of wine and some ice cream, take a nice, long, hot bath, and watch some movies with the celebrities you find the sexiest. Make your favorite characters your date!!

I was watching Parks and Rec the other night (it never gets old), and it was the one where Leslie says, "Joe Biden is on my celebrity sex list — well, he is my celebrity sex list.” And it made me realize that I haven't made a celebrity sex list in a long time!!

Why do people have these kinds of lists? Just for fun. We all find more than one person attractive, and it's fun to watch tv shows and movies with those people and pretend what it'd be like to hook up with them. I mean, celebrities are just normal people. Sleeping with a celebrity wouldn't be much different than that dude you hooked up with in college that never called you back. It's a fantasy, and it's fun. A lot of the stuff I write about is serious and pertains to real life issues and I thought maybe for Valentine's Day, it'd be fun to have a bit of a silly post. So, here is my celebrity sex list, inspired by Leslie Knope.

Jon Hamm

I was in Vegas last week and I thought I saw Jon Hamm. I will probably never know, and that makes me really sad. I love Mad Men, and actually, Jon Hamm is a pretty versatile actor (have you seen his small role in Parks and Rec?).

Alexander Skarsgard

Honestly, the entire Skarsgard family is just stupid attractive and talented. I find Alex to be the sexiest though. I haven't seen a ton of his acting, but he does the raspy, seductive roles well.

Steve Yeun

I'm a huge Walking Dead fan. I think that Steve Yeun's Glenn is one of the best parts of the show, and I've loved him since the beginning. He looked like such a young guy when it first started, but damn, he has aged a bit and he looks fiiiiiiine.

Jason Schwartzman

I'm not even sure why I find this man to be so damn attractive, but I know I'm not alone. I love everything I've seen him in. Those eyebrows, though.

 Paul Rudd

I do find Paul Rudd to be insanely attractive, but it's his personality I like most. He's the funny guy. He cracks me up in every role he plays. He seems like he'd be a fun guy to hang out with. His wife is awesome, too.

 Nathan Fillion

I don't know if I'd rather sleep with him, or work with him. He just looks like such a great person to be around. Firefly is one of my all time favorite shows, and I freaking love him in Doctor Horrible (hint: the hammer is his penis). Have you ever seen this sexy pool party video??

Tyler the Creator

My boyfriend recently introduced me to Tyler the Creator by first showing me his Punk'd episode. It's super funny, if you haven't seen it. I asked if he was always smiling, and my boyfriend said, yeah, pretty much. I've since listened to a few of his songs and looked up pictures of him, and he's a goofy dude. I love it. Also, have you SEEN his body?!

David Tennant

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a HUUUUUGE Doctor Who fan. That being said, David Tennant has been a crush of mine for years. I loved his quirky young look in Doctor Who, and I loved loved loved his charming evilness in Jessica Jones. Pair his amazing acting with those beautiful accents, damn, you have the whole package right there.

Clay Matthews

Okay, so, he may not be a celebrity in the usual sense. But here in Wisconsin, the Packers are actual celebrities. My love for Matthews has spanned many years and is as long and strong as his beautiful blonde locks. He may be the one person my lovely significant other actually gets jealous of, for some weird reason. Maybe he thinks I have a chance? :P
PS his wife is gorgeous and they just had a baby last year. Just wait about 18 years to see a beautiful, talented, strong model athlete type.

Chris Pratt

Man, I thought he was cute on Parks and Rec. Andy was kind of a model for the kind of man I wanted to end up with (though I prefer a liiiiittle smarter, honestly). And then I saw Chris in Jurassic World and I didn't even realize it was the same person at first. Damn, he can play cute and dumb and strong and sexy. He's pretty much perfect, as far as I'm concerned. Anna Faris and him are too adorable, and they seem like amazing parents, which is also attractive.

Aubrey Plaza

I had to have some girls on this list. I don't even know if I find Aubrey Plaza particularly sexually attractive or if I just wish I was her. I guess if I were a single college girl looking to fool around with someone of the same sex, she'd be my first choice. Plus, April Ludgate is basically my alter-ego and I feel like Plaza is actually kind of like her in real life.

Ruby Rose

Now, I've always considered myself to be straight. So imagine my surprise when I first discovered Ruby Rose and started questioning everything. I find her to be one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Of course, part of me does wish I looked like her, but most of me just wants to spend a night with her. I'd settle just to hang out with her. I've got her Snapchat and she seems super fun.

So, there ya have it. A random mindless list. Comment and tell me who is on your list!! :)