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 A sexual 'fetish' is described as "any object or non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation." A fetish can actually be non-sexual (for example, people that are into infantilism. There are people that simply like to dress, act and be treated like an infant with no relation to sexual preferences whatsoever), but most people are familiar with the idea that they are related to sex. A fetish can be anything thing that your into, whether or not you can find someone else with the same interest.

Fetishes are difficult to talk about openly, especially if they're not something that is widely known about or accepted. It may be easy for a man to tell his girlfriend he's into role playing--he likes her being the 'naughty school girl' and he 'the teacher.' These are pretty well known. But for a man to tell his girlfriend that he gets off on her locking him in a cage and sexually depraving him, that might be a little more difficult, and maybe not well accepted. There are plenty of sites that cater to people with fetishes, and it's important to find other people who relate to your sexual interests. One great site is Fet Life. It's a community of kinksters who have social networking profiles which they use to voice their fetishes and find others who have the same ones. I would post their 'list of fetishes' but it's far too long.

Fet Life Fetishes List

Some random fetishes:

Anal Play--The act of playing, licking, or entering an anus or having someone sexually play with yours (or using any kind of sex toy, such as anal beads).

Blood Play--The act of either cutting or piercing your skin, or watching your partner cut/pierce theirs. 

E-Stim (Erotic Electrostimulation)--The act of placing an electrical stimulator on one's skin; Typically stimulators are placed on the nipples or genitals. 

Feet--The act of loving one's feet, or having one's feet be adored. This can be in anyway--using feet for sexual stimulation, or even just the act of looking at or touching them. 

Gender-Play--The act of bending genders for the purposes of sex. This can be in the form of cross-dressing, role-playing, or using things like strap-ons. 

Shaving--The act of shaving oneself or a partner, or watching someone else shave themselves or you. 

Shemale--The desire to see Male-to-Female transsexuals. These are men who have had surgeries to become a woman, and have womanly features & feminine clothing/looks but still have a penis. 

Watersports (Urolagnia)--The act of getting off on watching urination/urinating on someone/something. More commonly known as 'Golden Showers.'

Some of these fetishes are dangerous, but they are all fairly well-known. But some fetishes are pretty taboo. These include any kind of fetish that deals with bodily excrement (feces/vomiting), incest play, children, animals or dead bodies. There are more that are the kind that people aren't so quick to shout out to new partners, but that would be quite the list. The point is, no fetish should make you feel 'weird.' Fetishes are completely normal. That is, having a fetish is normal. Acting upon one is something completely different. 

Anyone with a fetish should do the following when with a partner (or alone):
1. Make their fetish known. This also means accepting it yourself.
2. Ask permission to act out the fetish. 
3. Check up on the fetish agreement every once and awhile. A partner may agree to act out a fetish, but soon may grow tired of it. Make sure your feelings are in check with your partners.
4. Know when a fetish is socially acceptable. There is a difference between becoming sexually aroused over something while thinking about it, and acting upon it. Some fetishes shouldn't be acted up. Also remember that just because you think something is sexy in your fantasies may not mean that it really is sexy when you act it out. But there's no harm in trying (usually), right? ;)



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