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Sperm Recipes

I really wish I could see everyone's face when they read this, especially if they hadn't heard of it before. This website (CookingWithCum) advertises it's new book, Natural Harvest - A collection of Semen-based Recipes by Fotie Photenhauer. (Buy it here). You're probably asking, 'What the hell?!' But it's real!!! Well, you can order from their LuLu Self-Publishing website. It's really hard to find anywhere else, and all the reviews are obviously jokes, so it's hard to know if this book is actually real!!! I have found a few articles saying there is a recipe for seafood with semen...I don't really understand how you could cook with it. You'd need an awful lot of it for a dish...I just don't get it. I don't think it's real. If you try to add it to your car on the LuLu page, it says 'This product is not available for purchase.' Hah!!! Even if the book isn't real, sperm does have some health benefits!!!!

Health Benefits of Sperm:

The more sex a person has, generally, the healthier they are overall. Studies have shown that women who have lots of sex, but without protection, tend to have less depression!!! Why?

"“These data are consistent with the possibility that semen may antagonize depressive symptoms,” the authors wrote, “and evidence which shows that the vagina absorbs a number of components of semen that can be detected in the bloodstream within a few hours of administration.”" ((Alexander)).

According to AskMen, Semen contains, 'Vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, citric acid, creatine, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, Vitamin B12, and Zinc.' Also, one 'load' contains about 5 to 25 calories!!!
Studies also show that sperm can reduce the risk of preeclampsia in pregnant women!!!! This article also says it can lower blood pressure overall, and maybe even lower the risk of strokes and keep the heart healthy!!!

One more thing sperm can do--help your skin!!! Some spas offer Sperm Facials!!! Spermine, which is found in sperm, apparently has a large amount of anti-oxidants (that good stuff in pomegranates and other things that are probably healthier, easier to get and better tasting than sperm) which can help with aging and possibly acne. Anti-Oxidants are also shown to lower anxiety, so I would imagine sperm (but in large amounts?) would probably help in that aspect too. A researcher with Cosmo, Zoe Ruderman, got a sperm facial in order to write the article, and she says they run about $250. Here's a video of a woman getting a Spermine Facial.
Spermine Facial.
And no guys, I doubt that showing a girlfriend any information here would make her any more likely to want to eat/drink/swallow your sperm or have it on her face.


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The 'Friends With Benefits' Phenomena

The new movie Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, has got me thinking about the whole idea surrounding it. Can people truly be just friends with sexual benefits? Or does one person always end up becoming attached?

This is not a cut-and-dry thing. A study by the National Center of Health Statistics (a branch of the CDC) published a report about their sexual findings in 2007. One problem with self-reported surveys is lying. A person might hype up their own sex life in a survey, or down play it. Regardless of these problems, the survey found that 29% of men have had 15 or more sexual partners, and that the average man sleeps with 7 women in his lifetime. So what does this mean?

A person is most likely not going to have a deep, meaningful, lasting relationship with 15, or even just seven, others. This means that some of the sexual encounters were just plain hook-ups. So we know that two people can have sex once and leave it at that (Ignoring scientific data, I have known people throughout my high school/college years that I can say proved this to be true). But why, if the sex continues over a period of time, does it likely end up becoming emotional?

An article in MSNBC from 2009 titled, 'Can Women have sex like men?' (Kerner, Ph.D.) explains why this might happen. Most adults are familiar with what happens after sex. Women want to 'cuddle,' men want to sleep. This is because of the chemicals that are released during sex and/or during orgasm. Endorphins, chemicals that make us feel good, are released in both genders during sex. But some differences in chemicals and the amounts released are the difference between the reactions post-coitus. Men release Prolactin, which is a hormone that makes you tired. Studies show that for whatever reason, four times the amount of Prolactin is released during actual intercourse than masturbation, which is why men can wear out their hands all day but fall asleep on you at night. And women release lots of oxytocin during an orgasm, which is responsible for us feeling all lovey-dovey and wanting to be touchy-feely and snuggly.


Don't let this happen to you!!!
Here's what this means to me. Friends with benefits is a definite possibility, but communication is key. It should be purely about sex, and nothing more. If your FWB is tired after sex, let him fall asleep, and leave. That way there is no time for cuddling and talking. And since women tend to gain emotional attachment with every orgasm, the lack of one could possibly keep loving feelings at bay. But what's the fun in that?


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Penis Sizes Around the World

I can't say exactly how reliable this is, but they have quite a lot of sources. Either way, it's fun and interesting. According to the information on this map, men in Ecuador have the largest (measured) penises at 6.9inches. Wow!!!!

 United States Information:

Of the world's penises, the United States comes in 98th overall. We have men with averages of 5.1 inches.

So guys: How do you measure up????


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 A sexual 'fetish' is described as "any object or non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation." A fetish can actually be non-sexual (for example, people that are into infantilism. There are people that simply like to dress, act and be treated like an infant with no relation to sexual preferences whatsoever), but most people are familiar with the idea that they are related to sex. A fetish can be anything thing that your into, whether or not you can find someone else with the same interest.

Fetishes are difficult to talk about openly, especially if they're not something that is widely known about or accepted. It may be easy for a man to tell his girlfriend he's into role playing--he likes her being the 'naughty school girl' and he 'the teacher.' These are pretty well known. But for a man to tell his girlfriend that he gets off on her locking him in a cage and sexually depraving him, that might be a little more difficult, and maybe not well accepted. There are plenty of sites that cater to people with fetishes, and it's important to find other people who relate to your sexual interests. One great site is Fet Life. It's a community of kinksters who have social networking profiles which they use to voice their fetishes and find others who have the same ones. I would post their 'list of fetishes' but it's far too long.

Fet Life Fetishes List

Some random fetishes:

Anal Play--The act of playing, licking, or entering an anus or having someone sexually play with yours (or using any kind of sex toy, such as anal beads).

Blood Play--The act of either cutting or piercing your skin, or watching your partner cut/pierce theirs. 

E-Stim (Erotic Electrostimulation)--The act of placing an electrical stimulator on one's skin; Typically stimulators are placed on the nipples or genitals. 

Feet--The act of loving one's feet, or having one's feet be adored. This can be in anyway--using feet for sexual stimulation, or even just the act of looking at or touching them. 

Gender-Play--The act of bending genders for the purposes of sex. This can be in the form of cross-dressing, role-playing, or using things like strap-ons. 

Shaving--The act of shaving oneself or a partner, or watching someone else shave themselves or you. 

Shemale--The desire to see Male-to-Female transsexuals. These are men who have had surgeries to become a woman, and have womanly features & feminine clothing/looks but still have a penis. 

Watersports (Urolagnia)--The act of getting off on watching urination/urinating on someone/something. More commonly known as 'Golden Showers.'

Some of these fetishes are dangerous, but they are all fairly well-known. But some fetishes are pretty taboo. These include any kind of fetish that deals with bodily excrement (feces/vomiting), incest play, children, animals or dead bodies. There are more that are the kind that people aren't so quick to shout out to new partners, but that would be quite the list. The point is, no fetish should make you feel 'weird.' Fetishes are completely normal. That is, having a fetish is normal. Acting upon one is something completely different. 

Anyone with a fetish should do the following when with a partner (or alone):
1. Make their fetish known. This also means accepting it yourself.
2. Ask permission to act out the fetish. 
3. Check up on the fetish agreement every once and awhile. A partner may agree to act out a fetish, but soon may grow tired of it. Make sure your feelings are in check with your partners.
4. Know when a fetish is socially acceptable. There is a difference between becoming sexually aroused over something while thinking about it, and acting upon it. Some fetishes shouldn't be acted up. Also remember that just because you think something is sexy in your fantasies may not mean that it really is sexy when you act it out. But there's no harm in trying (usually), right? ;)



Bleeding Ribbon Blogspot:

Forensic Psychiatry:


1st picture:

Penile Fractures

 No guy wants to even think about anything happening to their 'little man.' But a penis can break. But don't worry, it's much like any other breaking body part--it will heal. That is, it will heal if you get help. Too many men might be embarrased, but would you rather be embarrassed over the fact that during sex you broke your penis, or that during sex later on you can't get hard because you now have erectile dysfunction?

A penis can only 'break' while it is hard. During an erection, blood rushes through the penis. If it is bent or hit quite hard while in this state, the blood can break through one of two 'cylinders' in the penis. If this happens, it will make a loud 'popping' sound, and the penis will quickly turn colors. It will become bruised and red, and likely a large lump will appear. This is the pooling of blood underneath. If the urethra was damaged as well, sometimes the blood may appear at the opening on the head of the penis. Lots of articles and information refer to the broken shape as a 'boomerang' shape.

This typically happens in girl-on-top position or positions from behind (doggie-style). The woman may move in a quick, jerking manner, bending the penis, or the man may pull out to thrust and 'miss' the vagina, hitting either his partner or a close object near them. If this happens, go to the doctor. Even for mild fractures that don't cause much pain. It can cause more pain down the line, erectile dysfunction, or your penis may stay in that slightly-bent shape. This can happen at any age, so please don't hold off going to the doctor!! Yes, there is a short period of time you will have to abstain from sex, but isn't it worth it?

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Sex Mishaps

Sex can be fun and bonding, and for the most part, safe. But sometimes in the heat of the moment, people do weird things. Sometimes these things can end up becoming public knowledge if the person has to go to say, the emergency room. I scoped out some places on the inter-webs to find stories of funny sexual excursions gone wrong. Enjoy! And feel free to post your own ;)

From Cosmopolitan:
""I'll never forget the time an ambulance brought in a young slacker guy and his girlfriend. They had decided to get it on in his grandmother's basement while she was out of the house. They'd grabbed a tube of what they thought was lubricant from her well-stocked medicine cabinet. Unfortunately, it was nitroglycerin paste, a heart drug that can cause a potentially fatal drop in blood pressure. When Grandma came home, she found the couple lying on top of each other, unconscious and buck naked. They eventually came to after we gave them oxygen and fluids."

From Cosmopolitan:
"A young couple came in with this story: During sex, the woman had grabbed a medium-size rubber ball and inserted it into her man's back door. The ball became lodged so high in his rectum, they couldn't get it out... and neither could we! The attending MD paged a surgeon, but while we were waiting for him to arrive, the man began coughing. The ball came flying out of his butt with enough velocity to ping around the room and hit the just arriving surgeon in the head."

From Spike:
"An unidentified couple was getting it on in the bedroom one Saturday night and decided to spice up their love making by using a sex toy. For reasons unknown, the sex toy, which we can assume was a dildo of some sort, wasn’t doing the trick.  So what’s a guy to do when his lady needs an extra hand? Improvise. This chap decided to attach the sex toy to a Saber saw. According to reports, the unidentified man placed a call to 911 saying “he had placed a sex toy over a saber saw blade, and then used the power tool on his partner, but the blade cut through the plastic and injured the woman.” The man literally drilled and sawed his lover. The 27-year-old woman, who was bleeding profusely, was rushed to the hospital by a Maryland State Police helicopter. Police conducted an investigation into the incident and decided not to press any charges, determining the injury was a “result of a consensual act between two parties and no crime was committed.”

From Spike:
"A 34-year-old New Yorker suffered ''extravagant complications'' after injecting cocaine into his penis in 1987, at the height of the cocaine boom in the United States. Cocaine was regularly used by men to heighten sexual pleasure and maintain an erection. It is reported that the unidentified man “occasionally squirted a cocaine solution into his urethra.” On this occasion the man suffered from a “persistent painful erection immediately after intercourse with his girlfriend.” His erection lasted three days, at which point he sought out medical attention. Later, he developed blood clots in his genitals, arms and legs, back, and chest. After 12 days in the infirmary, gangrene had taken over and his legs, nine fingers, and penis were amputated."

From DailyMail Online:
"When Leanne Michael and Chris Noon decided to spice up their sex life they turned to TV show Secret  Diary of a Call Girl for inspiration. And after watching the show the couple decided to reenact a scene in which Billie Piper, playing blogging prostitute Belle de Jour, is smeared with chocolate mousse by a client.
When the TV show ended, Miss Michael said she went to the kitchen fridge and grabbed a trifle so that the couple could try out a bit of so-called ‘sploshing’ for themselves.
Aware of her boyfriend’s potentially fatal nut allergy she first picked off the almonds from the top before taking it to the bedroom. But their passion was short-lived.
‘About ten minutes after putting the trifle on my body I was covered in red blotches and I couldn’t breathe,’ Mr Noon said.
‘I hadn’t had an allergic reaction to nuts since I was about 13 but I knew what the problem was.’
Miss Michael bundled him into the car and set off for Bristol Royal Infirmary.
But on the way her chest began to itch violently and she was forced to hurriedly pull over and flag down a passing car for help. Mr Noon’s allergic reaction was so severe that paramedics were forced to give him an adrenalin injection to clear his airways.
‘As soon as I was treated I was fine,’ he said.
Miss Michael was covered in red blotches after being sponged down at the hospital which doctors said was caused by the alcohol in the trifle."

Moral of these stories: Don't use things that aren't approved for sex play!! And if you are going to use a toy, please be responsible. In 2009, two nurses in Lake Geneva, Wi. were fired for allegedly taking pictures of a patient's x-ray and posting the pictures online. They took the pictures after discovering he had a sex toy lodged in his rectum.


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Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cups are an awesome alternative to pads and tampons. Some people might think they are gross, but really, they are no more gross than any other product. They are a little cup that is inserted into the vagina and collects menstrual blood rather than soaking it up. Cups can be left in longer than tampons, and no TSS problems have been reported. When a cup needs to be changed, it can be pulled out by a little hose at the end ( or by gripping the sides of the disposable one), the blood dumped, rinsed and placed right back in! It's so handy, and while the price can be a little high ($20-$40, depending on where you buy them), they pay for themselves quickly. A box of pads or tampons is so expensive now that cups are such a great idea. They can be reused for years. Made of either rubber, silicone, or thermoplastic elastomer (plastic&rubber combo), they slip in pretty easily with a little bit of water. Be careful using any kind of lubricant--some kinds of lubricants can damage the material of the cup. But they are completely safe and not as difficult as they may seem. There are different kinds though. If you are interested, it doesn't hurt to read reviews on places like, to see what other women say. But keep in mind that all women are different--it may work right away for some while it may take someone else a little bit to get used to it.

Types of Reusable Cups:

Diva Cup






The Keeper

Disposable Cups:


Another great resource is a livejournal I found while researching, Menstrual Cup LiveJournal. Girls go on there and discuss cups and ask questions to each other. Check it out and decide for yourself!!!

'It Gets Better' Project

Dan Savage
Dan Savage is a sex/relationship advice columnist ('Savage Love') and author. His weekly column, Savage Love, is very popular, along with his podcast. He and his partner, Terry, created a project called 'It Gets Better.' Basically, after a slew of teenagers committed suicide, Savage realized he wanted to do something to show lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and questioning teenagers (or really anyone of any age) that though it may seem hard right now, it does get better. People may taunt, or parents may not understand, but it won't be this hard forever. Tons of celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon to help push this project. Suicide is NOT the answer. Though things may seem hard, there is always someone who will talk to you, even if it's a stranger. Check out the videos, read the website/blog. And remember that you aren't alone--it DOES get better.

It Gets Better YouTube Channel
It Gets Better Website
Savage Love Column
Buy the book--Amazon--It Gets Better--By Dan Savage and Terry Miller

Sexual Health 101: Vulvodynia

The first topic I want to mention is Vulvodynia. It's something not a lot of people are aware of, unfortunately, despite the fact that "Estimates of women with vulvodynia range from 200,000 to 6 million." ( That's an awful lot of women to be suffering pain that most peole don't know about. Luckily though, there are more and more resources popping up.

Vulvodynia is pain of the vulva. There are two different forms of it: Generalized Vulvodynia and Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome (Provoked Vulvodynia). I myself have the Generalized version, which is the one that is a bit more frustrating. That is pain with every part of the vaginal area--the labia, the opening to the canal, the clitoral area, etc. Compared to Provoked, which is just pain in the area of the opening of the vagina (the vestibule).
Generalized Vulvodynia
Vulvar Vestibulitis (Provoked)

Because the knowledge of it is so low, diagnosis can take a long time, sometimes years, unfortunately. Many people are told that the pain is just in their heads and that it's all about just relaxing yourself and trying to ignore the pain. But that's not what this pain is. Yes, relaxation techniques can help for things like intercourse, and can make it a little bit more bearable. But the pain is definitely there. There is no specific cause of vulvodynia, but there is a lot of speculation. One is that there are oversensitive nerves. I was told that while most women have a certain amount of nerves in that area, I have double. Nerve endings allow us to feel pleasure when touched, but an overabundance of them can actually cause pain. The symptoms can start out of nowhere. One day you could have a completely normal sex life, and the next you could not be able to have one at all. Doctors still aren't sure why this happens. Abuse or injury to the vaginal area, along with the overabundance to nerves, are all things that can bring on vulvodynia.

Symptoms of Vulvodynia: 

--Raw, burning skin that stings with touch or without touch.
--Itching of the vulvar area, usually fairly severe.
--Achey pains in the vagina.
--Redness and open sores can be caused by itching, or swelling can occur. 

Lots of women find inserting tampons, having sexual intercourse, and receiving pelvic exams to be extremely uncomfortable and painful. If you have any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor. The symptoms can often times speak for themselves, but the real test is the 'Cotton Swab Test.' What your doctor will do is use a large cotton swab and gently push on certain areas of your vulva, asking you to rate the pain/stinging associated with that touch. For women with vulvodynia, this test is very painful. The cotton swab will not feel like soft material--it will feel like a knife. It is a terrible thing for women to have, and even more awful that there's not more information about it and how to help it.

If it is found that you have vulvodynia, your doctor may suggest a few things. Birth control pills tend to be pushed on women all the time, but sometimes that isn't good. The first thing my doctor did was take me off the pills. Birth control can cause a thinning of the vaginal canal lining, and for some women with vulvodynia, this can complicate things further, as it did for me. Estrogen creams (such as Estrace) will most likely be prescribed. The cream is a white cream that is applied to the outer and inner vulva, which gives the skin more estrogen, thickening the skin. Numbing agents may also be applied in attempts to block the pain and deaden some nerve endings. Surgery is often a very last resort. I won't post pictures because a lot of people may find them pretty gruesome, but what happens is they go into the vaginal canal and do some work with your skin, placing a new layer of skin over the painful thin layer. It is very painful and has a long recovery process.

One thing that can work is Pelvic Floor Therapy or Biofeedback Therapy. The vulvodynia in itself is painful and causes complications, but a lot of women with it tend to tense up when they are touched. This causes the pelvic floor to tighten, and a lot of women do not have the control over their bodies to know how to loosen back up, especially when suffering with something like this. Biofeedback Therapy teaches you how to control your pelvic floor. If you reach up inside your vagina, you hit a point where it's like the bottom of a bowl. That point is painful to get past for women with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. If you press lightly on that area, most women will find that theirs is sponge-y or soft. Women with vulvodynia--or me when I first went in--will hear that there's most likely feels like a rock. The muscles are tightened to an extreme. At physical therapy, my doctor showed me tons of information about the vulvar area, including diagrams and books. She did a massage on the outside muscles, lightly pushing on certain parts of my thigh/vulva and gently, but deeply, stretching them. They can insert a tiny probe a "perineometer" into the vagina or rectum, which tells you how your pelvic floor usually sits. They will go through relaxation techniques with you, to teach how to tighten and loosen the muscles. They may even suggest a dilator--a small vibrator type object that you slowly insert into the vagina, teaching yourself how to relax the muscles. The vibrations can even help the nerves. 

If you suspect you have vulvodynia, make an appointment with your OB-GYN. In the meantime, take precautions. If sex hurts, try not to have it, or not as often. Pain is our bodies way of telling us something is wrong. Lots of women think that the more sex they have, the better they will get. This is not true, and it can actually make it worse by overstimulating the skin and causing severe irritation. Wear cotton underwear and loose clothing in the area. Do NOT use scented feminine products, and use water-based lubricants. Make sure the vaginal area stays clean and dry, but do not use body wash in the area. Use water and rinse it. Wet, sweaty places breed bacteria, and the last thing any women wants is a yeast infection. If you itch, avoid scratching it. Scratching it usually just causes the skin to itch more, and it will become unbearable, leading to open sores. If you have severe itching, try ice packs or a vaginal itching cream. Above all, don't give up hope. If you have symptoms, print out information and bring it to your doctor. If they don't know about it, maybe they know someone who will. There may not be an exact cure, but remember that professionals have figured out tons of ways to relieve the pain (medications, anti-anxiety pills, creams, physical therapy) or even take it away completely (surgery). Also keep in mind that sometimes, women just wake up one day with their symptoms completely gone. If you have any questions about Vulvodynia, check out, the National Vulvodynia Association, or email me at


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Hi there!!! Thanks for finding my blog. My name is Scarlette. This blog is about sex--there are no boundaries. Sex is completely natural, and without it, we wouldn't be here. Therefore, it should be near the top of our lists as far as health, entertainment, and responsibilities go. Everyone deserves the right to know about their own sexual well-being, preferences, and orientations. I will be posting anything I can find that will inform you about sex and everything to do with it, be it articles or other kinds of factual information regarding the subject. I also will post advice to your questions. Feel free to email me at to ask for advice on anything sex or relationships. Disclaimer: I am not qualified in anyway. I have taken psychology courses and, due to my own health problems in the past, have done tons of reading and research on all things health and sex related. If I can't answer your question, I will attempt to turn you to someone who can, and if I can, I will give you the resources you need to answer it. So read, learn, and have fun!!!