Sunday, February 8, 2015


Wow, guys, you are all so awesome. I appreciate every single one of you! This post is just kind of a teaser of things to come.

First things first, I have a Facebook page for my blog. Eventually, when I get even more readers and have more time to spend on this, I will be making it into its own website. Sometimes it's hard to find the time to sit down and punch out a quality blog post, so I will share things or post statuses on Facebook.

Second. This one I am hesitant to bring up, but I'm going to anyways! I've started a Paypal account for my blog. People have asked me to review products and what not, but the sad truth is, I can't afford many products out there. Obviously, it is completely up to you whether or not you want to donate some money. I plan to use it for buying products for reviewing purposes, doing giveaways, and if I can ever actually make some decent money on it, working less and working on my blog more.

Third. I have a small list of posts I want to make. I do plan on doing more interviews with strangers, a post about the recent 'research' into female ejaculation, how depression and medications can affect sex drive, and something about recent law changes as they pertain to women's issues.

Hopefully this all sounds exciting to you, because it's exciting to me! I also want to point out that while my blog does have sexual content, it is not meant to be crass or inappropriate. My main goal in my chosen career path is to educate and help. I want teenagers to be able to read my blog without parents getting upset. I think our society as a whole really needs to loosen up about sex and related topics. Staying quiet and pretending our kids don't have questions is not the way to teach them. We all need to be open and receptive. So, that being said, please visit my Facebook page! It's just an overall easier way to stay in touch with everyone. If you feel inclined to maybe give some money to assist the blog, there is a tab on the page that says "Donate!" and you can do so with most credit cards, as well as a Paypal account! Thanks everyone! :)

The Sex Kitten Facebook Page

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