Thursday, August 18, 2011


Anonymous reader asked:
Since you're on the subject of oral, what is the best way to finger/oral an asshole?"

Two things first--1. Ass play is increasingly popular between heterosexual couples, as seen in that PsychologyToday article. It is NOT a homosexual act. There are plenty of homosexual couples that don't even engage in anal play. 2. Cleanliness is SO important. Fecal matter can carry parasites and can make you sick. Keeping yourself clean and being aware of your partner's cleanliness is extremely important.

Alright. Ass play is one of those things you might want to communicate about first. When we think of sexual acts, we think of the obvious penis and vagina. The ass is still a bit taboo in our culture. Regardless of a subject being taboo, one should always ask a partner if what they want to do is 'okay.' Now, ass play can be a great thing, especially for guys. The male g-spot (otherwise known as the prostate) can make an orgasm feel even better.

One more thing about ass play is LUBE. Always use lube, unless you are doing analingus, in which case your saliva will act as a lubricant. Start out slowly. If you don't want it to be a main act, just gently running a finger or two over the opening will send chills throughout your partner's body. But if you want to finger it, start slowly and use lube (sometimes a condom over the finger is a good idea, it allows for protection). Slowly insert a finger and allow your partner time to adjust. Our bodies are used to things exiting that way, not entering, so it is very tight. If you are getting fingered, just breathe and relax. If you tense up, it may be uncomfortable. Moving the finger in and out or around is really all it takes. For a man, going up and rubbing the prostate will feel good. If you aren't sure if you are hitting it, just pay attention to him. They should let you know when you're on it (usually with a sigh or a moan).

As far as analingus goes, make sure you and your partner are clean. In the shower or right after are great times to engage, and it doesn't hurt for your system to be empty. Again, be gently and go slow. After that, it's pretty much the same as other forms of oral. Just do whatever feels good for you and your partner. There's no right or wrong way to do it. But it shouldn't hurt. If it hurts, either take it slowly, add more lubricant, or stop. But other than that, have fun and be safe :).

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