Saturday, August 20, 2011

How do I know if I orgasmed?

Men, you should be happy. Most of the time no man will ever have to wonder this question, yet tons of women ask it every day. So for all you women out there wondering if you did, here's some hints. And if you haven't, practice makes perfect. You need to keep trying. Because sex might feel good in general, but not much beats a good orgasm.

If you have said, "I don't know if I've ever had an orgasm," then you probably haven't. It's not really the kind of thing that just happens when you weren't paying attention. Before orgasm, your body starts tensing up. It will feel like every part of you is tightening. The biggest thing you need to do at this moment is let go. It may be hard to do that, and it tends to be even harder during g-spot stimulation as opposed to clitoral stimulation. This is because the sensations of the g-spot can feel like you have to urinate. You will not pee. And if you end up releasing a bunch of fluid, it is ejaculation, NOT pee. The female g-spot produces a similar fluid to that of the male's prostate.

The second an orgasm hits, you should know. It feels like an explosion in your body. Now, not every orgasm is that great. Sometimes it's just a mild excitement, but you should still know what it was. After the orgasm, your vagina will contract, and there may be lots more wetness. Some women experience toe-curling, and sometimes the spasms will occur all over your body. You will breathe rapidly, and you might jerk your pelvic area up or around. Afterwards, your body may feel tingly and will be much more relaxed. It's a difficult thing to explain fully because not every orgasm is the same.

The important thing is to know your body. If you can't make yourself orgasm, it may be hard to for a partner to bring you to orgasm. If you don't know (or even if you do!), practice with yourself. Try to bring yourself to orgasm. If you can the first time, or even the first fifty times, don't worry. Relax and just make yourself feel good, that's really the important thing. Once you find a spot that feels really good, keep going there until you feel your body start to tightening and get excited. If you have never done this before or are not sure how to, check out Cosmo's Hand's On Guide To Solo Sex. It will show you what to do and how to do it.

And be honest with your partner. Don't fake orgasms. And also remember that not every woman orgasms the same. Lots of women can't orgasm during sex alone, and some can't orgasm from clitoral stimulation alone. Try a nice mixture of both, or just one. During sex, have your partner rub your clit. If that is too much, try stimulation after sex. Either way, have fun doing what you're doing, and try not to focus on the goal of orgasm too much.

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