Sunday, February 19, 2012

Puttin' the pussy on a pedestal

If you live in America, or have been in America at least for a short time in the past couple months, you are probably aware of who Tim Tebow is. Tim Tebow, #15 Quarterback for the Denver Broncos, rose to super stardom this past NFL season for his insane lucky wins in the 4th quarter/overtime, not once, but several times. An extremely religious young man, Tebow is known for getting down on one knee and resting his fist on his forehead--dubbed 'Tebowing.' Regardless of what you think about Tebow as a player or his beliefs, it's admirable that such a well-known NFL football player has such strong morals.

He's praying he'll find a wife soon.
 My point in this blog is that Tebow, a 24-year old NFL football player, is an admitted virgin. It's crazy to think that someone who is considered a famous athlete in this day and age could be so strong as to remain a virgin. Surely, being a rich, good looking athlete must bring hoards of women pawing for him. So, why is he a virgin? In this interview at a media conference, a reporter asked Tebow if he was, 'saving himself for marriage.' Not the typical kind of question that athletes are used to being asked at these kind of things, Tebow and the rest of the audience began to laugh. But, after the initial surprise of such a question, Tebow responds, "Yes, I am." This isn't too much of a surprise considering his religious upbringing and lifestyle. But I imagine it much be hard for a man of his caliber--he could probably have any woman he wants (well, not any woman, but you know what I mean when I say this). So I must say, I really respect the guy for not only saving his morals, but by being open and not shy about it!

Jonas Brothers.
Tebow is not the only celebrity to be open about the topic of virginity. Jessica Simpson's dad has said that she promised him to remain abstinent until she married (which I guess only applied to the first marriage?) The Jonas Brothers started out as wholesome, Disney products who hit it big for about a week. They have shown off their purity rings, a promise to themselves and God to remain pure until marriage (one of them is now married). In the same Disney boat, Miley Cyrus has also come out to say she is a virgin. Of course, we don't know if any of these are true. But if they are, it's pretty impressive. I have to say, if I was a celebrity, I would probably not hide the fact that I would want to tap nearly everyone of my 'co-workers.' Practice makes perfect, right? :P

Anyways, what are the reasons people wait to have sex? There can be many reasons. One could be that they just want to make sure they are with the right person, and in love. Some people see sex as a physical act, and others see it as emotional (you can see it as both, and you probably should, at least most of the time). Some people put a lot more pressure on the act than others. They don't want to get hurt. And on that note, some people are afraid of STDs and pregnancy. Crazy things have happened, and taking precautions is not a bad thing. Therefore, some people may just choose to abstain until they are married or in a stable, long-term relationship. A lot of the time, people remain virgins due to religious beliefs. They want to be pure to the person they decide to spend their life with. Or, they might have a condition that doesn't allow them to be able to have sex, or they may just not have met someone they were able to have sex with yet.

For all you virgins out there, this is how sex works.
  Virginity is one of those things that I feel society presses way too much. They make it seem like having sex for the first time equals 'losing' something. I don't agree with that. Kids are hitting puberty so early nowadays that they are also having sex a lot earlier. Are you surprised, with as much sex and nudity we push in the media? Not to mention that we push it, then tell them it's wrong. It's confusing. Movies like The 40 Year Old Virgin poke fun at people who are still virgins late in life. Some men revel in dating a virgin, hoping to be the one to be able to 'pop her cherry.' Virgins are tight, scared, inexperienced and submissive (or at least, that's what we like to think). This isn't necessarily true. And related to that, many people fear dating someone who is a virgin. They worry that they won't know what they're doing, they'll ruin their first sexual experience, and it is too much pressure on them to make it good.But according to a Cosmo poll, 80% of women readers said they wouldn't mind dating a guy who was a virgin.

What do you think? Would you date a virgin if you yourself aren't one? Why or why not? And are you saving yourself? Why or why not?

Virgin Jonas Brothers
Virgin Tim Tebow
Virgin Miley Cyrus


  1. I'm a female college student and still a virgn by choice. Not many people know though because there is such a negative stereotype/reaction from people when you say your a virgin (this is where I could rant for hours about double standards, but I digress). I've been in a few relationships,nothing serious, but never felt that sex (or the rleationships) were right at the time. I might be a really odd example though, I recentley learned about asexualality (in peoople! not plants!) and am becoming more and more comfortable with applying that label to myself.If you want to know more about it check out this awesome website:

    Love the article.

  2. I didn't date someone once because they were a virgin, because I was scared about ruining their first time. I wasn't confident I could live up to the hype

  3. Anonymous 1, that's awesome! And asexuality is something I find really interesting. If you ever wanted to talk about that, or your findings, email me at I think that'd be a cool post. A lot of people don't consider that a label of sexuality, but it definitely is.

    Anonymous 2, thanks for the comment. That's a common fear. But I don't think you'd ruin anyone's time. As long as you enjoy yourself and make it fun for your partner, it should be fine! Not to mention a lot of people's first times aren't the best! :P