Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sexiest Men in Football

So, yes, this is a blog about sex. But we shouldn't lose sight of one of the funnest thing about sex--physical attraction. And since on Sunday, most of America's mind is on football, why not look at some of the hottest players in tight spandex today??
1. Clay Matthews

Being from WI and also finding Clay to be one hot linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, he is number one on this list. How can you argue? This giant man has long luscious hair and one hot body!!! Oh yeah, he's also a pretty great player ;) (And only 25. Hey Clay, call me. ;)).

2. LaDainian Tomlinson

I remember a friend of mine showing me pictures of him in high school and thinking, wow, he's good looking!!! A running back for the New York Jets, Tomlinson holds the record for the most single season touchdowns (31).

3. Reggie Bush

I don't think I need to say much about the running back for the Miami Dolphins. Former boyfriend of Kim Kardashian, this player shouldn't have any bit of a hard time finding a sexy new chick.

4. Tom Brady

The hot quarterback for the New England Patriots is married to a supermodel. Should anyone be surprised? Recently he's been sporting a longer hair-do; I must say I am a fan.

5. Terrell Owens
Though T.O. is currently a free agent, this wide receiver has played for the 49ers, the Eagles, the Bengals, the Cowboys, and the Bills. He even had a VH1 reality show named after him, 'The T.O. Show.'

6. Chad Ochocinco

The wide receiver for the New England Patriots (formerly the Cincinnatti Bengals for nearly a decade) loved his number so much, he made it part of his name. Ochocinco was on Dancing with the Stars and had a segment on Sports Soup called, 'Child, Please.' I'm sure women all over the country were disappointed when he was voted off.

7. Troy Polamalu
The strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers has hair that can go up against Clay Matthew's. He seems to be the epitome of tall, dark and handsome.

8. Miles Austin

Austin is another former boyfriend of Kim Kardashian, but he's cute so it's okay. The wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys has quite the body.

9. Brady Quinn
The quarterback for the Denver Broncos has a baby face. He played for Notre Dame in college. His older sister, Laura, is married to GB Packer linebacker A.J. Hawk.

10. Leroy Butler

Although Butler isn't even a player anymore, he has a sexy personality!!! The former strong safety for the Green Bay Packers is funny, as well as a great father and cook. He is responsible for the invention of the Lambeau Leap!!!

Did I forget someone? Comment below!!

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