Sunday, August 7, 2011

Walt Disney's Forgotten Film: The Story of Menstruation

In 1946, Disney (with help from Kimberley-Clark by Kotex) put out a short 10-minute film entitled, 'The Story of Menstruation.' It was a little explanation about what a period is, what to expect when you're on it, and overall how to be a healthy woman. Considering the fact that it was made 65 years ago, the information is all basically the same. And who knew that Kotex has been around that long?! At one part, the narrator says that we women can do practically everything we normally do when on our period, and it shows a clip of a cartoon girl dancing with a cartoon boy. They are twirling around and the narrator says, "Oh, now now, we said practically everything." I'm not sure what exactly she meant, but to me I thought she was referring to sexual activity. Any ideas of what she meant, if you think I was off base?
To be clear, sexual activity and even intercourse itself is totally fine during your period, just be safe and clean. Orgasms have been shown to reduce cramping and many women get very horny on their periods.

In typical Disney old-fashion, they say something at the end about periods being part of the continuation of human life, and they make sure to show a woman standing in a wedding dress before showing the baby in the carriage. Enjoy!!

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