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On request, I am posting an entry about piercings!!! Of course, there are the obvious piercings, like ear, nose, eyebrow, cartilage and other facial&bodily piercings. But not as well known or widely accepted are genital/sexual piercings. So I've compiled a list of all the sexual piercings I could find, along with a picture. Please be advised that some of the pictures are graphic, and if you do not wish to see a picture of genitals and other body parts with piercings, please do not scroll down. :)


Lip--Lip piercings can be great for oral, creating an extra sensation when rubbing against your partner. They are also good for kissing, as it can be something else to play with.

Tongue--Tongue piercings are also good for play during kissing, and also great for oral. There are vibrating tongue rings that can be bought for the purpose of oral.

Nipple piercings are bars going through the nipple. When touched, they can send waves of pleasure through the body. Much like how when a person is turned on, their nipples are extra sensitive, the piercing can add to that sensitivity.


Ampallang--A horizontal bar through the head of the penis. Since the head of the penis is sensitive, the bar can feel good, and also rub against the vagina during sex.

Dydoe--Bars or rings pierced through the ridge of the penis head. Can be pleasurable for both male and female during sex.


Prince Albert--This is the most popular penis piercing, and can be very stimulating. It is a ring or a barbell in the opening (urethra) of the penis.

Frenum--Loose skin on the top of the penis. Can cause intense pleasure in both males and females during sex.

The base of the scrotum is pierced through the perineum (the circular mound between the testicles and the anus).


Christina--The Christina is a vertical piercing from the pubic mound down into the middle of the labia.
Clitoral Hood
Clitoral--Can be pierced horizontally or vertically. Needs to be big enough to pierce. In most women, it really enhances sexual pleasure, but there is the risk of nerve damage if not done correctly.
Clitoral Hood--Horizontal or Vertical piercing over the cover of the clitoris. Rubs against the clit for maximum sexual pleasure.

Inner Labia--Piercing of the inner lips.

Outer Labia--Piercing of the outer lips. Tends to be rejected more than the inner lips.

Triangle--This piercing is done underneath the clitoral shaft.

Fourchette--Vertical piercing at the rim of the vulva, where men would have their guiche. Not every woman has a flap of skin that is able to be pierced in this spot.

Isabella--This one is fairly dangerous and very rare. It can cause nerve damage and loss of feeling if not done correctly. It starts underneath the clit and just above the urethra, and pops out at the top of the clitoral hood.

Overall, piercings can spice up your sex life, but make sure to take proper care so as to not get an infected piercing. Research a piercing before you get it, and make sure you are willing to handle the healing times. If it all checks out--go for it!!!


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