Sunday, July 31, 2011


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Who doesn't like a good penis? But who actually knows that much about them? Just like any other organ, the penis is interesting and important. I found this awesome article on webmd about penis facts. I will briefly explain the article, but please go check it out: WebMD--Five Things You Didn't Know About your Penis.

1. Penises are part of the autonomic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that controls your heart and blood pressure. Are you able to control your heart rate and blood pressure? Usually if you really focus, you can bring it up or down,and that's just how your penis is. This is why erections may happen out of nowhere, and you may not be able to control them (like when you're sleeping!). This is why stress and other psychological problems can decrease sex drive or cause Erectile Dysfunction--you might want sex, but your body is just not 'up' to it.

2. Penises are either 'growers' or 'showers.' 'Growers' are men whose penis is very small when flaccid, but reaches a much longer length when erect. 'Showers' are men who have long flaccid penises that don't get much bigger when hard. Alfred Kinsey, an awesome sex researcher, did a scientific analysis of more than 1,000 penis measurements and found that penises that are small when soft grow twice as much as penises that are longer while soft.

3. Penises are not straight--they are shaped like 'boomerangs.' Now, every man has a degree of curvature, and that's completely normal (unless of course, it is painful, in which case, it's always smart to see a physician). But as this article explains, men's penises are like tree stumps. The 'roots' underneath are shaped different, and that's how your penis is. It curves up into your body.

4. Penises can break. I've done a blog post on this, and if you're interested in more information, check it out. Basically, if jerked or bent in a quick, hard way, it can cause a fracture. A fracture will make a loud 'popping' sound, and then your penis will start to swell, turn colors, and make a large lump under the skin. If this happens, go to the hospital. The pain will be intense, and it can cause long-term complications if not dealt with.

5. Only about 30% of men in the world, aged 15 and older, are circumcised. The United States Center for Disease Control says that about 65% of all newborns in the US are circumcised. Jewish and Muslim men are account for 70% of all circumcised men in the world (usually due to religious reasons).Though most people say that being circumcised is a 'cosmetic' procedure, studies have shown that getting snipped can lower your risk for HIV.

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  1. Is there a typo there? I thought Jews WERE circumcised, they have to do it like, before 8 days after their born I thought...but maybe I'm wrong. Now I'm confused. Help me, sexpert!

  2. That WAS a typo. Thank you!! I must have mixed some things up when reading it all. Thanks for pointing it out. Jews&Muslims are the ones most common to get 'cut.'