Sunday, July 31, 2011

Make-Up Sex

This is a shorter post, because there's not a ton to say about it. What is make-up sex and does it work?

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Make-up sex is having sex during or after a fight with your partner, in order to 'fix' the problem. When you're in a heated situation, the brain releases adrenaline and dopamine. Adrenaline, as most people know, gives you energy and gets you hyped up, and dopamine is the feel-good chemical. Dopamine is released when we are very happy or enjoying something. So the fact that these two are released during a fight can be responsible for making the blood rush downwards. But why would you want to have sex when you're angry? Well, an article in PsychologyToday says that pain and pleasure are very closely related. This is because of those chemicals that are released. This is also the reason that people abuse drugs. Though the pain of the drug sucks, it still gives them that feel-good feeling mentally.
The most interesting theory is the one of being trapped. During a fight, you might begin to feel like you are stuck.When faced with a threatening situation, the area of the brain associated with panic begins to lighten up. With the feeling of a threat, we lose control. The article claims that in order to get our own control back, we may have to hurt ourselves, which is why we would allow sex during a time of hurt.

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But the sex can make it better. Sex releases even more of those feel-good chemicals and can make you feel more comfortable with each other. So next time you have a fight that is not too serious, try this form of 'getting over it.'

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FoxNews--The Science of Makeup Sex


  1. Just like the bonobos solve fights with sex. You should do an article on them and other primate sexuality topics possibly?