Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ONE Condoms

 Hey all! This post is long overdue. Receiving a bunch of sex-related products and struggling with ovarian cysts doesn't mix well. Luckily, things are all cleared up for me, and my products can finally be put to some good use!! Sometime over the summer, ONEcondoms sent me a bunch of products!! I had briefly heard of them before that, but to my knowledge, had never used any of their products. That has definitely changed!

If you read my blog, you know that I am a HUGE advocate of safe sex. Condoms were (and continue to be) an amazing invention. Seriously, how cool is it that there is a thing that we can use in the heat of the moment that can very nearly completely prevent pregnancy from happening? I think it is pretty awesome.

When I was younger, my issues with vulvodynia led me to believe I had a sensitivity to latex condoms. Luckily, now that my symptoms are mostly gone, I realize that is not true! Since finding that out, I decided to branch out and try all kinds of condoms and lube to try the great things that are on the market today. I was always a big promoter of Astroglide, and I still love them!  They are very active in the community and seem to really care about their product and the sexual education of the public. Their resident sexology, Dr. Jess, even did an AMA on Reddit today!! (You can read that here.)

Anyways. This post is about ONE. They are a condom company based out of Boston, Mass. On their website, their 'about' section says--

ONE is committed to helping everyone have better, healthier relationships. Making safer sex products is only one part of our mission. Helping build a community in which we share knowledge, passion and ideas is our manifesto.

So, you know, this company is right up my alley. They have an education tab with links to their blog that has pieces like my own--teaching people about safe sex! You can make an account on their website under 'Momentum.' Your account lists 'challenges,' and with each challenge, you accumulate points, which you can then use towards money off future purchases!! They also have a selfie program called #ONEselfie. You can take a picture of yourself with your favorite condom wrapper design, you with your partner or friends, or of you doing something to promote safe sex in your community. Winners receive condoms as prizes. They ALSO have a mailing list,  FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

They have this amazing new thing called myONE Perfect Fit. (For anyone wondering, ONE acquired the former brand TheyFit.)  No more worrying about being too 'big' or 'small' for traditional condoms--myONE has 56 different size condoms. With that many choices, you should almost positively find one that fits you perfectly (hence the name). According to reviews on their website, over 90% of men rate these new perfect fit condoms very highly. Since there are so many sizes, most will not be in stores, and will be easier to purchase online. They have a sizing chart available.

One thing you can do on as part of the Momentum team is create designs for their condom wrappers. They are known for their fun wrappers. They hold tons of contests, asking people to design new wrappers with different themes. Anyone who knows me knows that I love puns, and so I really love and appreciate the puns they occasionally have on the wrappers. Here are some of my favorite designs--

I have not yet tried all of the condoms I received. They have 11 different styles and over 200 different wrappers! They also have a couple of lubricants, and I know they just released Oasis Silk, which I am excited to try since it is water-based. Apparently, a portion of all their sales goes towards HIV outreach programs!! That being said, I have tried a few of their things and I'm going to let you know what I thought!!

**Quick Disclaimer: REMINDER--DO NOT use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms! The oils can compromise the latex, which can cause the condoms to break more easily. Also, silicone lubes can break down the rubber of silicone toys. Some people (such as myself) can be easily irritated by lubes that contain silicone, oils, fragrances, glycerin, etc. Be aware of the ingredients in your lubes!! If one doesn't work for you, try something else. I highly recommend water-based lubes.**

My haul!!

ONE Super Sensitive (lubricated)--This condom was great!! It seemed tighter than other condoms, and I barely felt it during sex. It held up really well. Although, when my boyfriend tied it up before tossing it out, it broke in half, which he says has never happened before. So, I'm not sure if he just pulled on it harder than usual, or if it is more susceptible to tearing. Just kind of a reminder to take it easy when handling them.

ONE Vanish (lubricated)--This one is my favorite one. It is a 'hyperthin condom.' It is similar to the sensitive condoms in that you can barely feel it. Seriously, this thing is thin and comfortable. It fits great and really, you don't notice it much during the act. We used it together with the Oasis lubricant. Great stuff.

ONE Glow-in-the-Dark (lubricated)--I'm going to be honest with you here. We haven't actually used one of these during sex. I want to, but I always forget I have them. I am amazed by them, and I did check one out for fun. I held it up to the light for 30 seconds like the wrapper says to do, and then I pulled it out. My boyfriend let me put it on him for a few seconds, and I giggled like a schoolgirl. Penises weren't meant to glow in the dark, so they look pretty hilarious when they do. It stays glowing against the skin. I feel like it wouldn't keep its glow for an entire sex experience, but it is still worth it for the hilarity of it. It is definitely a way to open up a dialogue and make for some silly conversational sex.

ONE Flavor Wave Flavored Condoms (lubricated)--I'm not a big flavored-condom fan. I really don't like the taste or the texture of condoms during oral, and I feel like no matter what the flavor, all I can taste is latex. They all leave a weirdish film that feels like you are wearing chapstick. **I should add--I am in a serious, long-term relationship. We have been tested for STDs. If you are not in a long-term relationship or with someone who has not been tested/if you have not been tested, you really should train yourself to like condoms for oral.**
That being said, the Mint Chocolate flavor was my favorite. It kind of reminded me of mint chocolate ice-cream, which I love. Strangely, I didn't love the Fresh Mint flavor. It was really just a weak flavor, it had just a hint of mint to it. It pretty much tasted like a normal condom with maybe a first taste of mint. I would not buy the Chocolate Strawberry or the Island Punch. The flavors were too fake and strong for me. You may like them! But fake fruit flavors have never been my favorite.

I also have a couple of their condom tins, which I love. They are so nice and convenient. I typically have a condom stashed in every pocket of every purse, and they always get ripped or lost. These little tins are super sturdy and keep me from accidentally dropping a condom in public every time I pull out my wallet.  They can fit just about six condoms in them. Heads up--they do get a little difficult to open if you have lube on your fingers!!

We got kind of wrapped up with the Super Sensitive and, especially, the Vanish condoms. We still have several to try--Pleasure Dome, Pleasure Plus (rated Men's Fitness 'first place' condom!), 576 Sensations, Zero Thin, and Move Lubricant. I'm excited to try them!! I will update this when I try each one.
I really love these condoms. It is exciting to have so many different styles to choose from, and I like seeing the designs on the wrapper. One thing about sex that I find important is the ability to find humor in it. What better way to do that than with puns on wrappers and glow in the dark penises?! Not only does ONE promote this kind of communicative sex with partners, they want to educate society and offer their products and knowledge to consumers. They really are a company that I appreciate and one I will gladly continue trying and promoting. If you have any questions or comments about their products, email me or contact them! They are quick and efficient with their customer service.

Right now, we are using protection. We want babies--ONE day. :)

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