Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Women's Day!!

Happy International Women's Day, everyone! We all have reason to celebrate this day--either you are a woman, or you were birthed by one. How exciting.

The first International Women's Day (here on out referred to as IWD) was held in 1911. Women have been the supporting characters to men's lives all throughout history. It's only been in the last hundred or so years that women have risen up and tried to gain full equality. Women didn't even gain the right to vote until 1920--that wasn't even one hundred years ago!! This is all still so recent. Today, celebrate the wonderful women in your life. If you are a woman, celebrate yourself!! You deserve it!! :)

If you so desire, the International Women's Day website has an option to pledge your part in speeding up gender parity! You can offer up what you will do to help the cause :)

Here are some of my favorite women to celebrate today:

Joan of Arc

She led the French Army to victory was she was 18. Damn.


She was kidnapped from a young age and sold into slavery, eventually assisting Lewis and Clarke in their expeditions and then giving birth to America's youngest explorer. She died at the age of 25, and her life in just those few short years was fascinating.

Golda Meir

The college I went to had a bunch of stuff named after Golda Meir, and for good reason. This woman did so much. When her mom wanted her to leave school and get married, she bought a train ticket to Colorado to live with her sister and maintain her independence!! She was an Israeli teacher who taught in many schools as well as being the fourth Prime Minister of Israel.

Harriet Tubman

She helped hundreds of slaves find freedom through the Underground Railroad. She could have escaped and been out, living her own life outside of slavery, but she stayed and helped all those people experience the freedom she had. How selfless and amazing is that??!

Anja Ringgren LovĂ©n

You have probably seen this picture on the internet lately. This woman is a Danish humanitarian who established an Orphanage in Nigeria. How wonderful. Visit her website here.

Malala Yousafzai


I could write several blog posts about how amazing this young woman is. She continued going to school despite the Taliban trying to stop her, wrote a blog under a pseudonym about the right to education, was voted to be killed by the Taliban, shot in the head by the Taliban, lived, and won the first Pakistani National Youth Peace Prize and eventually a Nobel Peace Prize. She opened the Malala Yousafzai All-Girls School near the Syrian border and has said she will continue her efforts until every child can receive an education.

These are just a few women in our world and history to look up to. There are SO many influential women out there, changing the way our world works, and it is simply inspiring. Take some time today to read up on a few of them. Enjoy your day!!

P.S. If you've seen Deadpool, have fun celebrating this holiday later tonight ;)

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