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To date, one of my most consistently popular blog posts is my X-rated Holiday Gift Guide. While I wrote it around the holidays, it's important to remember that that is not the only time we should be buying gifts for ourselves or other people. There are some amazing pleasure toys out there that deserve to be gifted all year round. For example, awhile back, I told you all about an awesome Kickstarter campaign that was successfully backed for a product called Skea. It is a sex toy that allows you to practice strengthening your kegels by allowing you to control a character in a phone app with your pelvic muscles. I thought it sounded like the coolest thing ever. Well, now I have another super awesome product that you all need to hear about!!

What's the worst thing about current on-the-market sex toys? I think a lot of people tend to see them as very uniform. Most dildos and vaginal insertion toys are the same--the same hard stick-like figure with the same vibration patterns. Right now, there is a new pleasure toy that is looking for help getting backed. The company that created it, MysteryVibe, is based in England, UK. The toy is currently listed on BORN.COM, which is essentially like Kickstarter. It is a site that hosts new and innovative products for crowdfunding.

The Crescendo is a big deal because it is so utterly different than any other product on the market right now. It is the Gumby of sex toys. This toy moves and bends to any shape your body is feeling like dealing with at any given moment. And it's sturdy--you turn that thing into an 'S' shape and it will stay that way until you are done with it. So you can bend it to any shape you want, so what? Well, you can also make it vibrate anyway you want. Yes, modern sex toys are really multi-platform devices. The company that makes Crescendo, MysteryVibe, will also have an app. This app will allow lucky owners to come up with their own vibration patterns for their fun times that they can send wirelessly to their Crescendo device. So, not only do you get to twist this thing into any shape you want, but you also get to decide how it gets you off. How adaptive!!

Some other cool things about the Crescendo device is that it is extremely quiet, holds two full hours at full battery charge, has a 4gb memory to hold all kinds of vibration patterns, and has a charger that can also charge any QI-compliant smartphones. This things battery will last long than my phone, though. It should work for two full hours on maximum intensity and at least 4,000 hours in its lifetime. An in-built circuit allows the toy to remain on super-low power on standby with a 100 day standby life!!

The texture of the toy is rubber, but it is skin safe--hypoallergenic, non-latex and non-toxic. It can handle being bent back and forth thousands of times and repels dust the way most pleasure toys do not. It is water-proof and water-based lube is recommended. At launch, three to five colors will be available.

In their biography, MysteryVibe explains their intentions--

"Our vision is to build a complete sensual experience that learns & adapts to your body and your every desire. We are at a really exciting time for sexual expression and the possibilities are limitless. Through MysteryVibe, we want to empower people to design and take control of their own pleasure experiences."

They know that not everyone wants a three inch straight, stiff pink toy that vibrates slowly. This toy really is a customizable pleasure break-through. Based in London, the group boasts a large staff full of intelligent, like-minded workers, all working together to push this sex-positive pleasure machine. Whereas there are many men who have worked/are working on this project (including the CEO, Soumyadip Rakshit), tons of women are involved as well, giving their opinions and advice on how to make this a toy that all women can enjoy.

The project finishes on BORN in five days. It currently has 449 supporters and has raised €42,606 of it's €50,000 as of Monday evening, June 8th, United States time. The company has worked with seymourpowell (one of the world's leading Design & Innovation Consultancies), Fueled (a web & mobile app development agency), and Condiment Junkie (a creative agency specializing in sensory branding), as well has having received small seed investments from many others.

The idea came to them in 2008, and has been in testing and development stages since then. Starting in July, the company will run a pilot production to test with MysteryVibe club members. After taking feedback from members, finalized development will begin and Crescendo should be mass-delivered starting in November of 2015. 

There are plenty of perks to backing this product. The biggest, in my opinion, is knowing you helped an amazing new product hit the shelves for people all around the world to experience a new form of pleasure. But for even as low as €10, you can get your name on the MysteryVibe website forever, as well as receive 30% off all purchases and pre-orders from the site as well as updates from their mailing list for backers. For €99, you can get a brand new Crescendo in November 2015. This is half the normal price, and there are only 155 of this gift left, so get it now while you can!! For €599, become a MysteryClub member and receive free toys for life, twice--once in development stage, and once as a final product.

Crescendo was publicly launched at TechCrunch DisruptNY in Manhattan, NY last month. 
People from six different continents have backed this project, and you can, too. 
If you are interested in backing this project (honestly, even $1 helps something like this!!), please click the highlighted link to learn more and donate!! 

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