Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Interviews With Strangers: Nick

Hello, all! It's been awhile since I've done an interview. This year has been pretty busy! Anyways, let's get to it!

My point in doing these interviews is to show that everyone has their own relationships and that personal information and sex don't need to be so taboo. Everyone you know is (probably) having sex or has had it at some point. It's not some dirty awful thing. We all have a life under the surface of the public eye. So, who's life are we looking at this time? It's Nick! Nick is a 29-year-old bartender. He is currently single (pssst...ladies?). His longest relationship was four years, and it was a mutual breakup. Now that we know a little bit about him, here's the interview!!

So, Nick, are you totally straight? Or are you bi/bi-curious/gay? Have you ever had an interest and/or encounter in/with men?

I consider myself to be straight now, but there was a period in my life where I tried going out with a few guys to see how I felt about it. Turns out I am not. I have never engaged in any sexual activity, including a threesome, with another man.

Nice. That's pretty cool. Are you using any dating sites or hook up sites? Which ones? I had Tinder installed on my phone for about an hour. I found it to be very boring and since I don't really find myself to subscribe to 'hook up culture' I really haven't found a desire to use anything like it. I have met people through online dating and have had long distance relationships.

You're a bartender. Do you get a lot of female attention when you're behind the bar?

Yes I do. Absolutely.

Has anything ever come of that?

Once, and I consider it a mistake. I was drunk and feeling alone really. I feel like I hooked up with this woman because I was feeling down on myself. Also, she didn't really follow the NSA rule and is doing a good job of constantly hinting at me to hook up again.

That does suck. Happens to the best of us. Do you have any entertaining date stories?

I have been stood up a dozen times in the last year or so? Haha.

Damn! That's rough. Probably dodged some bullets there, though.

Do you have any big regrets from past relationships?
Yes, and no. I try to think that I have done a lot of things in life that are way worse than half of the nonsense that has gone on in my relationships. I would say however that I have two things that I would fix if I could go back in time and still learn from them.
One would be not handling my emotions the way I did when my first major girlfriend broke up with me. I kinda took it too hard and freaked out about it in a way that really sent me into a depression. I needed to grow up in that situation and I wasn't there in my mind. The other would be putting my work ahead of me before I actually realized that the girl I wanted to spend my life with was walking out of the door, I did a bad job of actually keeping my priorities in order and I think that I ended up dragging that woman along a path where she was expecting other things from me.
Excellent reflection. I think a lot of people have similar experiences after their first breakup, but it's important that we learn from it. Now, let's talk sex.
How many sexual partners have you had?
Seven partners.
What is your favorite sexual position?
What's your favorite part of the female body or the part you notice first?
Neck, hair, and eyes.
At what age did you lose your virginity?
Nineteen, to my first girlfriend.
Do you prefer a certain hair color/body type?
Red hair, with a body type that can put a little bit of a fight in the bedroom if things get rough. Not particularly picky but as long I am attracted.
Do you have any kinks/sexual fetishes?
I'm into light amounts of pain, not into blood but I do tend to draw blood when I bite.
'Biting's excellent. It's like kissing - only there is a winner.' (If anyone knows this reference, high-five!)
Haha, there is a winner! That is great.
Any fun sex stories? Have you ever had sex in public?
Fun sex story: I once had sex in every seat of my car in under an hour?

I had sex in a park one time. It was middle of the night and I had been kicked out of her parent's place.

I got road head while paying a toll in Illinois.
Those are fascinating, hahah.
Do you want to have kids?
Depends. I am not planning on having kids, but if I end up getting some girl pregnant and she wants to keep it I am guessing I am stepping up.
Well, I can't think of anything else, unless you've got anything to add?
Nothing to add but thanks!
Thanks for doing the interview!
Not a problem thanks for having me.

Well, there ya have it, folks. Your friendly neighborhood bartender really enjoys red-headed girls who can take a bit of biting (but I mean, who doesn't?). It's always fun to hear what other people have experienced and are into, sexually. If you enjoyed this interview, keep checking back for me. And contact me with any interest in being interviewed. You'll definitely want to read the next one--it will be with a woman. So get out there and make some stories for me!

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