Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Story Time!

It's time for my shameless self-promotion of my newest story!! I decided to appeal to the masses, so if you've read Fifty Shades of Grey, you should enjoy it. And if you haven't read it, you should still enjoy it. Just go read it. :)

Stranger Danger--a BDSM inspired story.


  1. You are an incredible writer and the topics you touch on in your blog... Well, let's just say they give me ideas. ;)
    I wonder if you'd ever mess around with a long time friend/aquaintance

  2. Thank you! What kind of ideas? Care to share? ;)

    Also, are you wondering because you are a long time friend/acquaintance?

  3. Yes I am a long time friend. I've always just admired you from a far and basically reading about all this sex so much makes me really want you.
    I'd be more explicit but I feel it's not very tasteful in a public forum.

  4. Interesting. Well, I can't say that the feelings will be reciprocated, but regardless, I'd like to know who you are, hahah. And don't worry, telling me who you are won't make anything weird. Email me (or facebook)!

  5. I'd rather you'd try and see if you know me. I'll give you only 1 hint. Last time I saw you was at target. Text me if you think you figured it out.
    Ps- i'm glad things wouldn't get weird. So if you know who I am we should still talk more.

  6. Considering all of the guys that she currently knows and has seen any time recently have had girlfriends, I'd say that you overstepped your boundaries here. Good job guy.