Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Logo Contest!!

Hello, friends!!

The new year is rapidly approaching, and new years mean new beginnings. I'm planning to focus a lot more on the layout and advertising of my blog/website. Whereas I know all the basics that most 20-somethings do about computers, I am useless when it comes to html, widgets, designs, etc. I also am not good at digital artwork. When I first started my blog, I relied heavily on sex appeal to gain followers. I am now revising my purpose and wanting to head more towards the educational side of things. My banner and current logo is cool and I love the picture, but I feel that it is more racy than I'd like and may give the wrong idea. I'm looking for something fairly simplistic that incorporates the 'sex kitten' name of the blog. I love the idea of having a simplistic cat face with big red lips, but when I drew it, it looked awful.

I'm hoping some of you wonderful artists out there can help me out with choosing a logo. Once I have a good logo and some help with my website, I can start branding The Sex Kitten a bit more, reaching out to more people. I'd like to unveil a winning logo on New Year's Day, January 1st, 2016. Submissions can be sent to The winner will receive a t-shirt with their design on it, as well as credit on my blog/website/social media pages!!

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